Welcome to the Tuxedo Pet Lodge!

Whether your pet likes to romp and play or simply relax and be pampered, you
can rest assured your pet will enjoy a vacation here with us.

At the Tuxedo Pet Lodge we recognize the fact that boarding can be very
stressful for some dogs.
We strive to make your dogs stay as comfortable as
possible. If your dog requires extra attention, back scratches, belly rubs, one on one
time, or anything that we can provide, we'll be more than happy to oblige.
Tuxedo Pet Lodge
20 Nolans Way
Southfields, NY 10975

The dogs are let out at a
minimum of 7+ times per
for potty or play in our
securely fenced areas.

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No dog is ever left unsupervised.
Please note we put no limit on your
pets time when we bring him or her
outside, this also applies to the
amount of times he or she may need
to potty.